Monday, January 21, 2013

My Family

This is our family.  This picture is almost 2 yrs old at the time of my posting but it says a lot of things about us I think.  
  • We have some great friends with an RV.
  • Some of us try to look normal... sometimes.
  • Our kids come by their "Squint for the Camera" tendencies honestly.
  • I am pretty far behind in having family photos taken.

I'll do the introductions (since it would be pretty pointless for you to do them) in later postings so I can do a proper job of it.  But for now, here's the stats:

~ Two boys, a girl, a boy, two girls, three boys, a girl, two boys and a girl.
~About 16 months apart.  No twins.
~Two parents.
~Married in late winter '94. Children in Winter '95, Spring '96, Fall '97, Winter '98, '00,'01, and a bunch of years after that.  I have the dates and years written down somewhere. 
~Not Catholic.  Or Mormon.
~I know almost nothing about any other large families either on or off national television.
~Neither my husband nor I "love children".  We like our kids a whole lot but you won't find us seeking out everyone else's baby from here to Town just to goo-goo over them.

We have lots of interests under one roof.  Canning, running, gardening, banjo, piano, quilting, cat, writing, outdoor games, camping, computer programming, bee keeping, jewelry and glitz, miniatures, explosions, blues music, stout, singing in harmony, games, and lots of things I've forgotten because I forget things.

It's not been anything like the life I planned and prepared for.  It's just a fraction of what I have.  And I would not be the person I am today without it.  I'm living an extraordinary life.


  1. Hello! I have heard of you through Steph H. Nice to see you blogging. Maybe we will get to meet someday!