Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Liebster Award: Part Three

So, NOW is where it gets hard here with the directions for this here Liebster Award....

Normally, I don't follow directions very well.  As in "not hardly ever".

But, because my pal, Laurie, is such a cool and resourceful kinda gal, I figured I should give it a go in my own way.

Here are the rest of the directions:

3- Nominate 7 bloggers who have less than 200 followers and ask those bloggers 11 questions (Don't forget to tell those you have nominated...).

4- FOLLOW those 7 bloggers you nominate.

5- If you are nominated and choose to play along, please let your nominating blogger (that's me) know in comments so that I can see your answers and get to know you.


Remember how I'm not so good at following directions?  You haven't seen it much yet if you only know me by my posts here, but trust me on this.  I'm not good at following directions.

So, with that in mind, here are my totally loose-leaf nominations!

Conversations with a Pastor's Wife  
Not your average Preacher's Gal, LKS is a great resource for life fun, challenge and a peek at the wacky things that make her family a great team to play on.  She's given me some really great ideas, too!  I got to host this delightful woman in my house and she even took some fun pictures of my favorite part of the country.  

Sassy Family 
Jill is adopted, Irish, sassysmarter than is probably safe, and made it so my son, the Dood, makes all our salad dressings himself.  She's easy for this Minnesota Kid to talk to because we speak the same idioms, don'cha know.  You bet.

If Not You, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When? 
Which of these things is not like the other? Jimmi is a man I've known for just about 20 years.  He & The Man have been friends since high school.  He's taught my kids Irish pub songs, helped them learn guitar strumming, and spilled on my walls, furniture & carpet.  The things he has to say are not the same as you will find on the other blogs I'll mention.

Wouldn't You Like To Know?  
HealthyBratt has a HUGE, HUGE wealth of knowledge.  She's smart on hennaKorean foods, and that's just a tiny peek into her know-how. I've known HB for more than 5 years and have had the privilege to hug her neck, too.  She's got the smarts & the heart.

Larson Log  
The young pup who writes this blog is more than a diamond in the rough.  (Diamonds aren't my thing so call me biased. I'm cool with that cuz I am - but that's another post.) This gal is opal.  She's made of common stuff and she knows it, but the light inside her is brilliant.  I've never met Rebekah & I may never get the chance to squeeze on her and that will truly be a shame.  You'll only get a peek here and here but that's just a glimpse.  There are many posts and there will be time invested to read them all.  I encourage you to read it like a novel, a story that you read to see how the characters work it out.  Follow her thoughts and see her stretch out those wings.  I can't find words to say how excited I am for the future that is unfolding for those in her life.  I am certain there will be amazement, work and great, great reward.  I dare you to take this one on.

Courage Road 

I've never met this woman in person, but I have found her in my heart on days I would not have expected.  I'm not sure why, and it's likely I never will.  But that doesn't change her presence there.  It's another blog developed over time. Though you may be able to pick some bits & pieces of things from the individual posts, it's an unfolding story best read from start to finish.  She's in my age demographic and from a similar part of the United States.  It's a difficult story on the courage road.  Don't let that deter you from the journey.

There! I did it! Sort of.

And, because I really didn't follow the directions and never intended to completely, here are some more blogs that receive Honorable Mention:

bertsie collins 
Written by a friend dear to my heart, this little blog is cheery and may even be that way with a sad time, if it's chosen.  She's an unreasonably optimistic citizen, the oft surprised life-complement to Jimmi from If Not You..., and my favorite vegetarian.

The Blue House Blog 
The adventures of Melissa, Katie & Annie are chronicled in this record.  Here you'll find wacky kids, fun learning, and dangerously tastey  really healthy, yummy pancakes.  And a teeny bit of sarcasm. I've never met this family either but I'm luring them to the Source of the Mighty Mississippi and then I'll get to see them for real.

Ok.  Now I really am through the directions.   If you are on this list, don't feel like you have to follow the Liebster Award directions either.

I just like you.

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  1. I am totally impressed with your ability to embed links. Thanks for nomination :)