Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Liebster Award: Part Two

The second step of The Liebster Award directions is to: Tell 9 things about yourself.

Oh brother.

OK.  Because Laurie is just plain fun and smart, I'll throw out a few things about myself because she asked.  

I love language.
Not just words but the origin and definition of a word.  
And then the way the definition of that word can actually be different than it's meaning.  Combine some words and all their definitions together do not match the meaning of that word series.  
Use that same series of words in a context of different words and the meaning changes again.  
Good grammar is the correct use of the tool but the best use of language is to communicate thought to thought and concept to concept to another through - and in spite of - the filters we all have as we use language.

Soft ginger cookies are my love language.
It's like number 9 or 10 on the Five Love Languages thing I think.  Pretty sure it is.  Should be anyway.

When we got married, The Man & I thought we might have a lot of kids.
 Like five even!  Crazy lots of kids.  We would almost certainly have to get a minivan.  And they could be kinda close in age.  Like all five under ten years old.  We would probably shock people we knew but we were pretty sure we could handle it.

My favorite sound is actually the call of a red winged blackbird.  It's the sound of spring to my ears.

If it were not for my husband, I might not have shoes. I dislike shoe shopping that much.  But he has a thing for shoes and buys them for me. They are all very weird and very minimalist except a pair of Yellow Box flip flops that I got from a fabulous gal from Alabama.

I am 5'2" and weighed over 200# after my first pregnancy.  I lost about 40 pounds before the next pregnancy but was incredibly weak for my age for many years.  I left that behind when Stick was born.  I now weigh a few pounds less than my wedding weight.  I was a size 10 then and am now a size 4-5.  I intend to live well for a while yet.

Some people don't fully appreciate my gifts.
  Like the time I gave rhythm eggs to all the toddlers at a multi-family picnic and a kazoo to each of the older kids.

I haven't been on a plane since I was an infant.
  It might be a while, too.  We've been kinda busy.

I don't think of myself as very interesting.  This list, for example.  It was WORK to come up with things that might be worth noting about me.  I really do believe I'm just a very ordinary person.  I'm just living an extraordinary life.

Next up: My nominations for the Liebster Award! Kinda.  Really.  I'm not very good at this "follow the directions" gig.


  1. I'm glad you aren't good at directions - I like your style better! :)

    I'm all for egg shakers and kazoos. And ginger cookies? My fav.

    1. Ha! Your house clearly needs more egg shakers for Fridays. Clearly.

  2. I LOVE #3! Oh and 7 is pretty good too ;)

  3. I was felt very left out that *I* did not get a rhythm egg or a kazoo...

    1. I'll have to work on that. I know where you live. You would think it could be remedied.

  4. #2 My love language is back scratches, but soft ginger cookies are pretty awesome, too.
    #7 Rhythm eggs are great! Thanks, btw :)
    #8 I don't intend to travel by plane again, unless it's privately owned. Not interested in all the TSA security stuff, kwim?
    #9 The fact that you recognize you live an extraordinary life makes you not-quite-so-ordinary.

  5. "The man and I thought we might have a lot of five even!"

    This made me smile. Actually, I think I laughed. Love getting to know your family. Thanks for sharing bits of your life with us.